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The Encyclopedia only goes as far as it’s followers take it, so please spread the word. One of my many goals is to gain enough steam online to get the book I wrote published…on here I’ll be writing new stuff, and below you'll find a description of the book.  The backstory of how The Encyclopedia began is found by clicking the link above.


The first, and last Encyclopedia a guy will ever read.  The Encyclopedia is a humorous social critique on how guys function and interact with each other.  A work that every guy will find themselves on the pages of, this is a proper mix of satire, sports, coming of age, and even a little sagacity and wisdom.

Alphabetically arranged, each guy's description is unique to that guy, and no guy's description is written longer than one page.  Thematically, there's duality in each guy, as they're constructed in humor and hard truthfulness, like life.  Each guy comes equipped with his own footnotes that connect them uniquely to other guys within The Encyclopedia.

Any guy can pick this up, flip to a random page, get a laugh, and also a life lesson.  The Encyclopedia authentically chronicles the classification of every guy you've ever seen, spent time with, and that you've been yourself.

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