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A 30 Second Legacy

We got a small taste of it last Monday when Alabama and Georgia squared off at Lucas Oil Stadium. Then on Saturday, Super Wild Card Weekend commenced, and we were given a second helping of TV advertising appetizers.

New commercials have been sprouting up every now and again, and with the big kahuna of 30 second TV spots looming in the form of Super Bowl LVI, we’re destined to see more.

They don’t make em’ like they used to though. When pro-athletes made commercials back in the day, somehow they were more believable. We knew Larry really meant it when he told Michael that he’d play him for it.

…for the big mac and fries…not his heart.

I’d bet my life that Larry Bird crushed McDonald’s. It wasn’t just an ad campaign for Kodak, it was game-day fuel. You don’t win 3 MVP’s without regularly injecting the McChicken into your diet.

Something’s off with today’s fast food commercials featuring athletes. Does Reggie Bush strike you as a guy that eats Wendy’s?

Sure, the former number 2 overall draft pick’s career on the field is over, but he’s still a prominent face in the media. Bush is a member of the Fox Sports College Football pre-game show, and judging by that million dollar smile, still takes his appearance seriously.

M.J. calling, out the hatch, over the beach, through the window, nothin’ but net, is more believable than Reggie Bush eating a breakfast Baconator Combo.

Besides the point, Wendy’s breakfast isn’t real. Kinda like all of those wins and trophies Bush had to vacate at USC, those don’t exist either.

LeBron James has been doing endorsements for Mountain Dew for what seems like forever. Do you really think “The Chosen One” chugs Mountain Dew before his pre-game workouts?

Larry and Mike calling, around Saturn, through the Dipper, nothin’ but net is more believable than King James needing a caffeine fix off a carbonated energy drink before he dominates his 30 minute Tonal routine.

You guessed it, this Tonal thing…also not real.

The ruler of the advertising game is none other than “The Big Aristotle.” Shaq is in more commercials peddling products he’s never heard of, or used than Ron Popeil or Billy Mays.

Shaq-Diesel has probably dabbled in Papa John’s garlic sauce, but the chances the 4-time NBA Champ knows how to use an Epson Printer are slim to none.

Bird and Jordan calling out, over the second rafter, off the floor nothin’ but net is more believable than The Big Shamrock knowing how to load an ink cartridge.

Leave it to the greatest of all time to break the fake commercial 4th wall though.

A guy who’s 22 years, surpass any 30 second spot he could do. He may hold the sub, but do you really think he puts this stuff in his body?

He’ll even tell you, he doesn’t…it’s just a commercial.

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