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All Eyes On Me

If you follow and read The Encyclopedia you know that we've covered a lot of the gear that guys wear on the playing field. From standard issued uniforms to miscellaneous items like wedding rings, it's hard not to notice what the pro's wear.

During these NBA Playoffs, Bobby Portis caught my eye.

I'm no doctor, but it looks like someone caught Portis' eye too, as the Buck's forward that's affectionately known as 'Crazy Eyes' appears to have a scratched retina...or maybe it's a cornea, either way there's only one guy that can truly claim the moniker of Krazee Eyez.

Neither Portis or Killa are true goggles guys though.

Embodying the specs requires an uncanny symbiosis between man and glasses.

Take Rick Vaughn for example, without his skull and cross bone eyewear he’d of never harnessed the power of his fastball.

'Wild Thing' reminds of another reliever who's been rocking shades since he's been in the show.

There's something unique about a guy who weighs about a buck 75 soaking wet, and comes out of the bullpen throwing gas.

Add on to that obscure jersey numbers ranging from 56 to 17, paired with protective shades, and you have Joe Kelly.

Not afraid to mix it up with the big boys in the batter's box, he's been known to ruffle a few feathers in the majors.

Kelly's legend hasn't quite hit fellow relief pitcher, and Encyclopedia favorite, Kyle Farnsworth, but it's rising like one of his trademark 94mph up-and-in 2 seamers.

Joe Kelly has become infamously recognized for the mocking of former Astro's shortstop Carlos Correa in 2020.

After throwing at Alex Bregman, Kelly did the same to Correa, managing to hit neither, but evoke the fear of the lord into both.

These days you'll find Joe Kelly in a White Sox uniform. He's yet to get into any altercations on the South Side, but when he's on the mound it always feels like were 60 feet and 6 inches away from something popping off.

With what is at least my third reference to Major League, we should keep playing the hits and also throw in a trifecta for the Little Giants as well.

Jake Berman's shrink told him it'd be good for him to join organized sports. Before 'The Bermanator' blew up Spike in the A-Gap, he could barely get his helmet on over his rec specs.

Ask Cowboy's running back, JaQuan Hardy about the Jakester's plight, he knows it all too well.

My man is struggling.

Hardy was featured in last season's Hard Knocks, as a fun loving undrafted kid out of Tiffin University.

Still behind Tony Pollard on the depth chart, he's got a long way to go before he joins the ranks of other great goggled running backs like Eric Dickerson.

Even with the endlessly annoying comments from his teammates, he managed to see the field in three games during his rookie campaign, and scored a touchdown against the Eagles.

Spike called Jake Berman four eyes, and proceeded to get pummeled. They better put some respect on JaQuan Hardy's name next season, or I suspect he'll be the one laying the smack down.

Trying to visualize your success is damn near impossible if you can't see where you're going.

Your vision is one of your five senses, and you know by now when it comes to writing, The Encyclopedia has the 6th.

Your lens shouldn't be blurred, but if it is, look again, because the message is crystal clear.

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