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Clipboard Chaos

Two weeks in a row and we start on last Thursday night. Which makes sense considering that’s when the NFL week begins. And with the quickest tangent I’ve ever gone on this early into anything I’ve written…

For the first time in my life I could relate to Roger Goodell. Sitting next to a gazillionaire that can’t even give the working class American people lag-free football on Amazon TV…I was appalled too Mr. Commissioner.

Sifting through the choppy 480p resolution, I did see Chase Daniel got in the game for at least one solid hand-off. By now you’ve heard how Daniel has started only 5 NFL games, and somehow been able to secure multiple bags adding up to more than 30 million dollars over his 13 year career.

Juxtapose Daniel’s career with another current NFL backup in Joe Flacco, and you have quite the dynamic. Forget about the smell circulating off the swamps of Secaucus vs. a perfect 75 degree day in El Segundo, California.

Who looks happier, the guy who’s playing, or the guy who’s not?

Trey Lance was the 3rd overall pick in the 2021 draft. Last year he sat behind Jimmy G as his QB1 stock remained intact, and the 49ers went all the way to the NFC Championship Game.

And then this year happened. Leading Lance’s stock to plummet in Chicago, and his QB1 future in jeopardy after being carted off the field with a broken ankle yesterday.

Enter Jimmy G…again.

The same guy who backed up Tom Brady for three years, engineered a single game winning drive against the Cardinals, and became a coveted play-calling option for teams across the league.

Being a quarterback that’s in the good graces of San Francisco’s front office and coaching staff seems to be an impossible riddle to unwrap...that's not the only QB equation left to be solved.

My head hurts just thinking about what'll happen to Jalen Hurts if Kirk Cousins and the Vikings go into Lincoln Financial Field and dismantle the Eagles tonight.

The word patience and Philadelphia both start with the letter P, but that’s all they have in common. Don’t forget, Philly has a gunslinger in Gardner Minshew ready and willing to shoot out of his backup role and into the limelight.

Of course, his two years in Jacksonville going 7-7 as a starter are irrelevant if the Philly fanbase deems Hurts too painful to watch.

Oddly enough, it was Nick Foles that Minshew supplanted in Jacksonville. And it was Nick Foles that played Super Bowl hero in relief for Carson Wentz in Philadelphia.

The quarterback carousel circulates like a slot machine, and you’re just hoping it’ll wind up on 7 at least once.

It happened with Foles and Philadelphia, and it’s happened before.

Like when 2nd stringer, Jeff Hostetler started Super Bowl XXV for the Giants in place of Phil Simms who was injured earlier in the year…another very quick tangent. In Hindsight this was the one out of the four we should've won.

And on a much smaller scale, the once starter, now backup, that happens to be starting for the Jets improved to 18-3 against the Browns yesterday. His first 17 victories coming as the Raven's primary signal caller, the same team he won Super Bowl XLVII with.

Getting back to the original question posed around Daniel and Flacco.

Unequivocally, yes, it’s easier to hold the clipboard for the entirety of your career. But you might miss out on a few things, like winning.

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