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Duality of Man

A word association with sports and dual lends itself to your first thought being Bo Jackson.

On your second thought you’d land on Deion Sanders.

We’re not talking about these guys this week, but their two-sport stardom is an opportunity to see a couple of great players in some timeless uniforms.

Way back when in September of 2021, I quoted Shakespeare. As only The Encyclopedia can do, I asked the same simple question young William once asked…

What’s in a name?

Curt Warner/Kurt Warner

The lesser known Curt Warner is 1 of 11 Seahawks that’ve been inducted into their Ring of Honor. And anytime you can see an old Seahawks’ jersey it’s a good day…a tremendous day.

The opposite of his counterpart in Kurt, Curt seems like a quiet guy that had an above average career, and is enjoying his life after football.

Going back to the quarterback…yeah, I was never a fan.

The Warner’s have always given off the same energy as the Gemstones. I’m not a god guy though, so maybe I’m just bitter after Kurt effectively started the painstaking Pats dynasty.

Either way, Curt looked better in a Rams jersey anyway.

Eddie Murray/Eddie Murray

Two Eddies, one used his legs, one used his hands. Also, two guys with awesome nicknames.

Eddie “Money” Murray cashed in his ticket to paradise when he became the only rookie to win Pro Bowl MVP in 1980. By now it’s likely impossible for you to be unaware that I’m a Bills fan, but in case you need a reminder, Money Murray was a part of the Cowboys’ Super Bowl XXVIII winning team. Unfortunately he made all 3 of his field goals, and 3 extra points as well. More word association...Cowboys, Kickers, and Super Bowls...all I know is pain.

At the risk of making another outdated Eddie Money musical reference, we'll just move on.

"Steady" Eddie Murray is a prime example of why you can’t mistake a guy’s quiet demeanor for a lack of self-confidence. Murray was the third player to reach 3,000 hits and 500 homers behind Hank Aaron and Willie Mays.

Anybody can talk about it, but can you be about it?

How about 21 seasons in the bigs, with four straight 110 plus RBI years. To say Murray was solely consistent is lazy, and wrong. He’s arguably the most forgotten about great player to ever touch a baseball.

Encyclopaedia Britannica/The Encyclopedia of Guys

Previously covered by The Encyclopedia, Pete Rose became the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s spokesman in 1981. Not a bad ball player to attach yourself to if you’re a boring and obsolete reference work.

Truth be told, there was once a time when I dreamed that The Encyclopedia of Guys would sit on the same bookshelves as it’s peers.

Proudly standing out as the unique work that it is, and quietly speaking for itself.

There’s that word again, quietly. Used to describe Curt Warner, and used to describe “Steady” Eddie Murray, and now used for me.

I wonder if Curt and Steady ever thought about whether or not being more front facing would’ve led to more notoriety.

Maybe they never wanted any extra attention to begin with.

Some things remain unanswered, but if you did a word association with reference work and paired it with special, or possibly exceptional…you could throw in unparalleled too.

There’d only be one guy you’d think of.

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