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Everyday Is Halloween For A Sports Fan

“This year Halloween fell on a weekend.” - Bushwick Bill, 91’.

Certain holidays were made for the weekend, and Halloween is one of them. If we’re counting Friday, this is the third year in a row that All Hallows' Eve takes place at the end of the week.

And this year Halloween fell on a Sunday…a football Sunday.

The 24 hour combination of fanatical sports fans submersing themselves within the land of macabre is disturbing to say the least. Guys with pent-up alter egos that’ve been waiting for Sunday all week.

These guys are mild mannered and professional during the week, but game-day is a different story. Super-fans within stadiums are a sight to behold. They crave attention, and spend more time putting together their costumes trying to get noticed by TV cameras, then they do watching the play on the field.

Check the right arm on this guy’s head that considered a tattoo, or an autograph?

Sometimes a fan’s disguise is more subtle though. When a guy’s mask is always on, he doesn’t even know he’s wearing one. So next Sunday, in-between your apple cider and pumpkin carvings, keep your eyes peeled for some of these guys…the guys that are more trick then treat, every single day.

Dawn Montgomery thought she was going to an NFL game to have a nice night, and maybe hit it off with someone…little did she know she was about to meet up with a guy who wears high ankle cleats to a game, more specifically a date.

This guy's cloak of normality is above average, with the naked eye you'd think it was casual Friday, and he was just a fan of the Washington Football Team, that’s on a date with Dawn. Consider what Dawn saw though, baggy, unkept mesh-shorts, absolutely no calf muscle definition, and the kicker...the cleats. Hashtag Dating Dawn wouldn't be so hard if guys like this didn't exist.

As you can see from the bold wording, when I typed, “NFL fan receiver gloves” into Twitter this is the first tweet that popped up. Dan Katz; a football guy’s guy knows eerie fan behavior when he sees it, and wide out gloves guy is oozing with it.

A naïve onlooker sees a Cardinals fan in a Patrick Peterson jersey with Larry Fitz’s gloves on. Consider what Dan saw though, a grown man wearing strapped authentic player edition receiving gloves, in the lower tier. Why is the lower tier important? Because this guy has a son, and like Dan, The Encyclopedia is a Father of 2, also with a dog (not to brag).

This guy is spending the would be Outer Banks family vacation money on prime stadium seating so he can see his birds play 8 home games a season…father of the year. Don’t worry about receiving gloves guy’s kid though, he’ll be alright, as long as his Dad keeps making sure his eye black is properly placed every Sunday morning.

When Greg Auman showed up to Cleveland to cover the Bucs he knew he’d see at least 46 players dressed on each side of the field. He didn’t plan on seeing a 47th on the Browns side…in the stands.

An innocent bystander in the bleachers would say, how creative, this guy must be an enormous Browns fan. Consider what Greg saw though, DiFranco; kitted out in a full uniform, equipped with a fanny pack hand warmer.

This guy is your prototypical ‘Uncle Rico.’ Scorned by a high school football coach, assuming if he could just get one shot, he’d show everyone that he had what it takes…DiFranco, number 25 in your program…number one in your heart.

As we complete the ghoulish metamorphosis from unassuming fan, to hell-raising lunatic. Be observant as you watch the games and hand out candy next Sunday. Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. Remember the advice Jordo gave us when he saw Jack-o’-lantern guy in the crowd, it’s not you that’s crazy, it’s him.

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