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Like Father, Like Son

I swear I’m not a math guy, but we’re gonna run through some numbers real quick.

This is the 43rd week that I’ve written something new for The Encyclopedia’s website, and simultaneously queried literary agents with the o.g. Encyclopedia; the book. It’d be the 44th consecutive week, but the dreaded ice storm of 2022 left me without power for seven days.

One of those seven miserable days fell on my birthday. Thankfully, I'm not a big birthday guy, so I wasn't concerned with missing out on a cake, my only focus was making sure the little encyclopedia's were safe.

It's my fourth Father's Day, and the first time I've written about the holiday.

Typically, I don't feel any stress when I write, but considering my kids will read this one day knowing it's specifically about them, adds an extra layer of pressure.

Being a junior inherently comes with it’s own set of ingrained self-pressures.

Imagine being a teenaged Ken Griffey Jr., just trying to do right by your Dad as a bat boy for the Major League team he plays for.

Or envision being Vic Damone Jr., and having to introduce yourself to Guy Cipriani’s family.

As a Junior, following in Senior's footsteps can be a daunting journey.

Take Gary Payton II; who could've featured two weeks ago in our JUCO highlight, as he started out at Salt Lake Community College before he became the second Payton to wear 20 at Oregon State.

And now Payton II is something his Dad became in 2006 with the Heat, an NBA Champion.

Payton II's journey to key role player for the Warrior's fourth title in eight years wasn't as straight forward as this next guy's.

Opting to play his college ball within the same state his Dad was a Pro Bowler in for three straight seasons, Antoine Winfield Jr. was the fourth Safety taken in the NFL Draft in 2020.

But he was the only Safety from that draft class to win a Super Bowl in his rookie year.

A chip off the old block, Winfield Jr. is a defensive ballhawk just like his pops was.

I could keep going. I could bring up Delino DeShields Sr. and Jr., or Vlad Guerrero Sr. and Jr., but you get the picture.

As a Junior myself that has small kids, I can speak for the Senior's mentioned above in that we'd have one thing to say to guys that are uninterested in raising their kids...peace.

Earlier I brought up the pressure that comes along with being a Junior. I now know that it's the Senior's duty to alleviate that stress up off his kids. I wasn't fortunate enough to always have that hand to guide me, but my kids do.

Even if I'm currently third in my house's power rankings behind Mrs. Encyclopedia, and our dog.

Because even when our power went out for a week in the dreaded ice storm of 2022, my light always shines brightest when I'm with my kids.

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