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Nice Guy, Just Got A Mean Flow

Verbalizing my writing style, and what The Encyclopedia stands for, used to be a challenge for me. No one does what I do, because no one can.

If you trace my steps in this game, you’ll see I cover ground. From my initial idea in 2017, to writing a book and signing with a literary agent in 2020. To ultimately not securing a deal with a publishing company.

The scent of failure will do two things to a guy. Quit, or force you to get up and dust your clothes off. I chose the ladder. Because I really do this…

And this shit, is too easy for me now.

If you need a blog done off the cuff, I am that guy.

Here’s some light hearted wisdom documented at Citi Field on a Wednesday night.

The unoriginality coming through blog posts these days is shocking. Strip away a dime-a-dozen blogger’s backing from a media outlet, and what are you left with? An extended tweet? An uninspired synopsis of a viral event?

I can’t believe these clowns, with their frail attempts to clout chase based off of the quantity of their posts, not the quality. Pick any blogger’s 30 best, and they don’t hold a candle to one of mine.

To authentically chronicle an event, in your own unique way is a skill. I opted to pontificate on the best ball park food in Major League Baseball, and paired it with the highs and lows of being a sports fan…I didn’t even need to use the word absolutely once.

If you need a piece, I am that guy.

A historical reference work that simultaneously sites current topics in sports.

Line up any guy with a prestigious journalism degree and this would be too much for him to tackle. But I bet on myself so I completely doubled down. Actually, tripled down, as I covered three multi-purpose stadiums through each decade of the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s that housed three pro teams at the same time.

A magnum opus for writers of any genre trying to stand out in a crowded room, but there’s only one guy that wears the crown.

If you need an article, I am that guy.

One of the first things I wrote after becoming an unrestricted free agent this past 2021.

When your pen to the paper’s lethal you enter the market scalding hot. It felt liberating to go back to my roots, and to stop trying to be something I’m not for a literary agent, or would-be publishing company.

I’ve been chasing, and catching that rejuvenated feeling since I got back on the road, and I have no plans to doze off in 2022.

This is a PSA to all of those guys out there writing the same old dull sports columns for Bleacher Report. Or (I can start sentences with 'or' because I am that good) stale reactionary pieces at SB Nation…I’m sorry you can’t do this, I really am, but like I said, u don’t know how easy this is for me.

The differences in my writing style appeals to all guys across the board. It just depends on what type of guy you are. To be timely, and timeless isn’t possible for just any guy…

I am that one in ten thousand.

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