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No News, Is Good News

The idea of having the newspaper delivered to your front door has become an outdated piece of Americana. There was a time when newspaper guy’s needed the ink on their fingertips first thing every morning.

I never lived and died with the local sports section, but The Encyclopedia was a paperboy for a brief period of time.

different Paper Boi

It wasn’t all about the paper, because I got paid very little to wake up at 5am seven days a week. Walking around my neighborhood alone, in the pitch black, at the tender age of about 12…was terrifying.

Other then wondering why I signed up to be a morning courier in the first place, I thought it was strange so many people wanted the local paper.

If you want to check the weekly forecast, turn on the Weather Channel. If you want to check last night’s sports scores, turn on SportsCenter. If you want to education yourself on national and local politics…lets stick to sports.

I was a pawn in an antiquated game of newspaper chess. There was nothing I could do as a paperboy to get the people in my neighborhood to see there was a better way to consume the content they craved.

But that was then, and this is now.

Older, wiser, bigger, faster, stronger…The Encyclopedia has formed like Voltron to provide you with the original, and one of a kind perspective that is sorely lacking in today’s internet writer.

So this week, this month, or even this year. When you’re checking your usual media outlet for headlines and bylines, keep The Encyclopedia in mind.

Anyone can write about Coach K’s farewell tour, and how he’s taken Duke to a record 13 Final Fours during his 42 year career…For me though, I can’t decide what’s worse, the Krzyzewski hand holding, or these AT&T commercials.

Between these three pictured above, paired with Kansas, Villanova, and North Carolina, the blue bloods have ruined my March strut.

Anybody can write about the topsy-turvy NFL off-season. Upper echelon receivers like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill have changed teams, signing massive deals that exceed 100 million dollars.

For me though, I’m wondering what the deal is with Oklahoma quarterbacks, and their lack of media awareness.

Between Mayfield having a better acting career than playing career, and Murray’s social media temper-tantrums, there's only one logical conclusion that can be drawn.

Baker, and Kyler, would be better suited coming to Buffalo and holding Josh Allen’s clipboard for a year. It’ll do wonders for both of them, if you don’t believe me, just as this guy and he’ll tell you.

Anybody can write about James Harden giving up on his team, and unofficially requesting a trade.

…wait, the unofficial trade thing, is that happening again?

News outlets and media companies say they want a unique and authentic viewpoint, but do they really? Because here I stand, alone. And I see a lot of traditional writers and bloggers that’ve become obsolete and archaic kinda like those newspapers I used to throw.

So what's the good news?

That I don’t have any news to report. I haven’t signed with another literary agent, or featured on any media company websites. But if you’re reading this, at least you’ve found your new favorite writer.

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