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Officiating The Officiated

99 percent of guys don’t aspire to become referees. Most of us always wanted to play in the games, not enforce the rules.

Attempting to enter an official’s psyche is one of the most baffling things one can undertake.

When was the decision made to put the stripes on, and blow a whistle?

The way I see it, one of two things happened to Tony Corrente to make him throw that flag on Cassius Marsh a couple Monday’s ago.

1. At some point in his athletic career, the dream of going pro was shattered, and becoming a ref was the only way he could stay close to the game.

2. He’s never had control over any aspect of his life, and the only way he’d ever feel like a man is by throwing a yellow flag 10 feet in the air.

After further review, Corrente falls into the number 2 slot. Tony isn’t afraid of a hip check, in fact Big-Tone is seeking out contact with Marsh here. This solidifies Corrente as a guy who’s been waiting all week to try and obtain some power in his life. Even if it comes in the form of a game altering penalty, resulting in a loss for the Chicago Bears.

This tweet was scheduled to highlight John Hussey, the crew chief for Browns at Patriots in Week 10…but after some research it turns out Hussey is also the founder of an animal rescue center that specializes in raising money for other animal shelters. So we’re gonna let Old John be, and remind everyone to adopt, don’t shop.

Former Nebraska back-up quarterback, turned zebra, Clete Blakeman epitomizes the aforementioned first category.

How can any guy be adept at legislating football’s rulebook when he’s star-struck by the league’s players? Cletus’ unbiased white hat was stained once he opted to befriend those he’s meant to regulate.

When you’re a benchwarmer at a former D1 powerhouse you’re close enough to smell the pro’s, just not good enough to compete with them. Logically, Clete’s sole method of staying connected to football was to learn how to institute the game’s codes and guidelines on those he once called brethren. One problem, he’s just not very good at it.

Seahawk's fans didn't mind this at all...they lost this game 28-23.

Switching sports, and temperaments, retired NBA ref, Joey Crawford finds himself comfortably in the number 2 spot.

Crawford, a part of a referee lineage as his Dad and brother were both MLB Ump’s, was notorious for assessing technical fouls.

Consider the lack of authority one must have in their own life to T-up a player sitting on the bench for laughing.

Joey wasn’t opposed to putting on a ref show, but you gotta give the guy credit. After tossing Duncan, at least he was man enough to challenge him to a fight, and not hide behind his whistle.

So, who’s really in charge here? Are there guys who aren’t in categories 1 and 2, and just call the game objectively?

The answer to those questions lie within a referee ethos that most of us can’t comprehend. The laws of sports being adjudicated to perfection isn’t possible, but a referee should be upheld to a certain standard. Because you gotta give respect, to get it.

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