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Sports: A Love Affair

Winning, Losing, and Hot Italian sausages in right field at Citi.

When Justin Tucker doinked in a record setting 66-yard field goal with no time left last Sunday, every Lions fan inside and outside of Ford Field lost another part of themselves.

Sports can be fleeting, when you care about someone, or some thing, and there's no reciprocation it takes its toll mentally, and physically, just ask this guy.

As a Knicks and Bills fan, I know heartbreak. I deleted the Isiah Thomas years from my brain. I have no recollection of the Eddy Curry trade, the Jerome James contract, or the debacle with the kid from Coney Island...I definitely do not remember any of that.

Growing up, if I had a dime every time somebody said to me, "Boy I Love Losing Super Bowls," I'd be a rich man....still should have beat the Giants in 91'. And if you want to take a shot at my guy Scottie Norwood, you're going to have to deal with me first.

Not to harp on misery, but the New York Mets had another tough year in 2021. Anytime your team makes history for the wrong reasons it's a massive gut punch for the fan base.

Sports always bring us back though. Whether it's the 86' World Series, or individual greatness in the form of Barry Sanders. There are still memorable moments, there is still joy to be had.

Sometimes it comes in the form of a meaningless Wednesday night game at Citi Field, and a couple a Hot Italian sausages as one of my good friends shared...

Winning is better then losing, there's no way around it, but we can't have everything. Some things are bigger then just the game being played on the field, and two Italian Hots, under the lights, those are the moments that last forever.

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