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The Chosen One

Let me preface this by saying, I’m on vacation.

I’m not wrestling cattle like Mitch Robbins though, my feet are up and I’m enjoying a few of those drinks you drink with the little umbrella straws.

Taking a break from my break, I’m now here typing on my keyboard. Because there are no true days off for the chosen one. The one who has “it,” the one who was destined to achieve greatness.

Most people don’t usually flip it, but by now you know The Encyclopedia specializes in an uncommonly authentic writing style, so what would happen if you took the chosen one, and altered it’s definition.

Guys like Anakin Skywalker, who’s road to success was seemingly paved for him, only to lose control on the street, and hang a left-hand turn, right into Darth Vader.

You already know some of the guys that’ve executed the full transformation from the chosen, to unlikable sports villain.

Guys like Djokovic and LeBron are proven winners that’ve been around for decades, this week we take a look at guys that may be teetering on the brink of becoming a sports heel.

Denzel Washington was recently quoted as saying something along the lines of, when you’re at your highest, that’s when the devil comes for you.

Considering Zach Wilson went to BYU, he better take those words to heart. There’s only so many dog pictures that can get tweeted out before the general public realizes Wilson needs more W’s under the win column, and less pit bulls under his rib-cage.

People are quick to forget, this is the same guy who went 3-10 in his rookie year, and already provided us with a sequel to the butt fumble.

Life is irony, and although I’m on vacation, I woke up feeling dangerous today. Which irrelevant Oklahoma QB said that?

The thing about irrelevance is that it doesn’t matter, let’s just take the Oklahoma piece and move on.

Let me be the first to tell Trae Young vicariously through The Encyclopedia, that the Eastern Conference Finals were essentially two years ago.

I can’t think of a single person, other then the millions of Twitter and Instagram users, that truly take his pick-up summer league highlights serious.

While I’m at it, Dejounte Murray gets an honorable mention here as well.

Dude hasn’t played a solitary game for Atlanta, and you’d think he’s 1st-Team All-NBA the way he’s clowning a bunch of YMCA All-Stars.

Again though, all of this is meaningless since the Hawks traded Red Velvet to Sacramento for a dollar 50 and a jaw breaker, they’re likely going 0-82 next season.

As we complete our sports metamorphosis from the honeymoon phase to potential strained relationship, we find Mike McCarthy and Jerry Jones.

Since the Packers won the Super Bowl under McCarthy 10-11 years ago he’s done nothing but underachieve. So you’d be smiling too if you were gainfully employed without proving you’re capable of getting over the hump once in the last 10-11 seasons.

Of course, that smile is bound to turn into a frown when Sean Payton is close friends with your boss.

Speaking of transformations for the worse, if you didn’t notice from this week’s cover…this is Jerry Jones; a spitting image of Senator Palpatine.

Another painful look from an owner that hasn’t gotten to the NFC Championship game since ‘95.

I’m not sure Jerry’s adapted from ‘95 to ‘22.

He absolutely does not appear any younger, that’s for certain. George Lucas told us in 2005 that only a Sith deals in absolutes. And I’m not Sith Lord, I’m just a guy on vacation…that’s absolutely the best writer on the internet.

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