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The Comeback

I haven’t written anything in 28 days, my longest stretch in two years.

Writing; like a lot of things ebbs and flows. It can make you feel like Jack Torrance.

And it can make you feel like you have an innervision, or the 6th sense…sidenote: I’ve always loved this Stevie F.A. deck, but it's too nice to skate.

So, what have I been doing these last 28 days?

It’s not so much what I’ve been doing, it’s what I’ve been not doing, and that’s digging deep within myself to find some type of inspiration to write that wasn’t there.

While I haven’t had the motivation to write anything new, or query any more literary agents with the first 50-pages of my book (the book’s backstory can be found here), I have consistently updated The Sports E-Cyclopedia.

For over a year now I’ve been maintaining Frank Fleming’s Sports E-Cyclopedia, “The one-stop source for your complete sports history needs.”

Back in March of 2021 I sent Frank a DM saying I’d help him update the front page, and maintain the site daily, if he’d help me out with my writing.

In exchange for my services I asked Frank if he’d retweet my weekly pieces in hopes of getting more eyes on my writing and website as things had been going south with my book.

Without knowing me, or my character, he agreed, and I’d like to think that I’ve never let him down since. In fact, as far as The Sports E-Cyclopedia’s concerned, I’d like to think that Frank handing over the E-Cyclopedia’s keys to The Encyclopedia was the best decision he ever made.

I can really only speak for myself though. Stepping off the beaten path that is querying literary agents, to a uniquely unconventional method of attempting to get my writing noticed by reaching out to Frank, was the best decision I ever made as far as my writing’s concerned.

And it worked out. For both of us.

If you haven't seen it, above is Frank's 2017 viral video regarding the incompetence of the New Jersey Transit, which still stands to this day.

It's a moment in time that propelled Frank into internet stardom, and eventual Barstool Sports fame, where he's one of the company's most authentic personalities.

Fast-forward to 2022 and Frank’s reputation proceeds him.

I’m not talking about his Mets, Devils, Dolphins, and Nets rants, I’m talking about his work ethic.

The amount of media personalities with substantial followings producing unoriginal and stale content is shocking. But that’s not the case with Frank.

From Raw Dogging to On This Date, Frank; at the very least is creative, genuine, and busy.

Those are three words Frank and I have in common. Creative, genuine, and busy.

I subtly brought up skateboarding above, which is one of my hobbies, and if you read The Encyclopedia, you know that I’m a former JUCO athlete still kicking the ball around when I can too.

Not to mention the most important aspect of my life, my kids, that I also wrote about last Father’s Day, here.

Besides having our time occupied, and starting out at the community college level. Frank and I have some other commonalities.

We're both failed substitute teachers, we're both creatures of habit, and we both have an extensive knowledge base centered around sports. (for Frank's backstory, you can listen to this podcast below.)

My sports knowledge has increased through updating the Sports E-Cyclopedia.

I've found a new appreciation for hockey and baseball that I'd lost since I was a kid as well.

It's like reading the sports section of the paper every morning, but within the back-drop of WordPress, a true labor of love.

Speaking of WordPress...

Like anything else in life, there aren’t highs without lows. Not to go full i.t. guy on you, but let’s just say the user interface on WordPress is less than ideal at times…as Frank would say, they’re incompetent.

But contrary to popular belief, there’s more to Frank then just voicing his discrepancies with the ineptitude of his sports teams. As you can see from the picture above, Frank is a nice guy.

Wishing a father of two…with a dog, good luck during a brutal storm, and letting me know whenever I need a retweet, to just let him know…incredibly good guy that Frank Fleming.

Why would I ever need a literary agent, when I roll with a Tank?

So just in case the Mets, Dolphins, Nets, and Devils are actually cursed, at least Frank can find some solace knowing that he’s brought me good fortune during my comeback.

Even if I’m a Bills fan...

A Knicks fan...

& a Braves fan...

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