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The Last Act

No guy can do everything.

Knowing your limits, and having the awareness to realize what is and what isn’t feasible for you is something The Encyclopedia has covered multiple times...Here and Here.

There’s only 16 more days until those tricky Buffalo Bills go into SoFi Stadium and beat the living crap out of defending Super Bowl Champion, Los Angeles Rams.

But, before Thursday, September 8th. Before our Saturday’s, and more importantly, our Sunday’s are completely dominated by football, this is our last act.

Our last opportunity to take the Mrs. to the movies on a Sunday at 1pm. It’s our final chance to head to Lowe’s to return bathroom tile, and pick up the supplies required to fix the downstairs bathroom sink…that one sounds very specific, because that one is true.

So, before we head face-first into the 2022-2023 football season, it’s also the final time I’ll write something like this.

When I wrote A 30 Second Legacy I was doing what I do best, observing and reporting. That report dealt with the state of sports intertwined with commercials.

Commercials have always interested me. Specifically, the actors who opt into them, and why.

How does a guy like Dennis Haysbert go from Pedro Cerrano…

To Donald Breedan in Heat…

To hocking home insurance policies for the past 15-20 years…

What a long strange journey, but I’m sure Haysbert’s in good hands with that Allstate money.

Similar to Craig Robinson…

To be the Pizza Hut guy, and the Gain guy…he must be liquid.

I just hope he’s not taking any food off the table from his former CFO at Dunder Mifflin, David Wallace. Who’s real name is Andy Buckley, and has popped up in a few commercials himself, looking exactly like you’d think…like David Wallace.

Here he is receiving some pointers from Workday’s former caddy Phil Mickelson. For Buckley’s sake, I pray he doesn’t leave the standard ad-spot game for any LIV Tour marketing campaigns.

For what it's worth, I'd take Buckley over Robinson in a game of 1 on 1.

You’ve probably seen this dead-eye’d stare before.

If you have, then you know this is Tyrus from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Government name, Ray Campbell, and recently he’s been selling some Nissan sedans. Which comparably speaking to his counterpart Walter White, is small potatoes. Cranston is the one who knocks for the Ford F-150.

But there was a time when Cranston wasn’t a king pin. He too has a past with the Japanese car company.

Making sacrifices to reach your goals is imperative. Who wouldn’t want to sit around with Bill Swerski and the Super Fans every weekend to talk football?

As enticing as that sounds, using these last 16 days to do something different, to take action for others, and whittle down your to-do list, will pay invaluable dividends once we’re in the throes of the football season.

From a movie, to a show, to a commercial, this time will move rapidly. You’d be wise to act now before the curtain comes down, and you absorb as much football as humanly possible.

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