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The NBA & The Missing 75th Commemorative Patch

I didn’t see too much of opening night in the NBA. As a cable cutting guy that primarily uses FUBU (it’s FUBO, but my DNA contractually obligates me to say FUBU) I don’t get TNT.

However, as a proud cable cutting guy, I’m naturally adaptable. Turns out, if I download the TNT app, then add my in-laws Spectrum information, I can watch…and…I did watch.

Last night the Knicks game was on ESPN though, so there was less hassle, and no fuddling around with apps. I sat down to watch New York’s home opener at MSG, and it started off great, as most seasons do before they actually commence. Earl “The Pearl” Monroe & Bernard King were honored before the game. The Garden was alive with hope, ambition, and belief.

The 75th Diamond can be seen on the ball, and Scott Foster’s warm-up jacket.

The icing on the cake came when ESPN played an awesome 75th anniversary commercial honoring the past, present, and future of the game.

But then, the actual basketball game tipped-off…and not only do the Knicks kind of stink. I noticed a gigantic problem…the New York and Boston jerseys had no commemorative patches.

Now, this is near and dear to my heart. Moreover, it’s current, as I just wrote last Monday about the equal importance of uniforms, and how what’s placed on them matters.

I was shocked and appalled. All of the pageantry, all of the pre-game hoopla, and no commemorative patches? There were some ads on the court, and the 75th diamond logo was visible next to the score-bug…but that was it?

Adam Silver and his gang of minions would tell me no, Encyclopedia of Guys, that’s not it, didn’t you see our marked emblems?

...Really? This is the best you can do?

These are barely detectable from your living room, let alone if you were in the nosebleeds, and it’s a shame. The NBA gets a lot right, but they got this one wrong, and now we have to watch this entire season knowing the uniforms are sorely lacking.

For the league's 50th milestone, the NBA instituted a gold logo-man patch on their jerseys. Which is an upgrade from the 75th edition, but not as heavy as what Tracy Morgan was wearing last much does this gold rope chain weigh you think?

Jam Master Jay would be rolling over in his grave, RIP King.

Unironically, in a short commercial at half-time, Kevin Durant said, “it’s truly an honor to have a small part in history.” Unfortunately KD is right, the NBA didn’t give this 75-year designation a big enough role in 2021.

If you’re going to honor a 75th year, do it right, like the Browns and 49ers did this season.

And while I’m at, take a look at how it’s supposed to be done. Because we should try earnestly to end this on a high note.

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