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To Lead A Roster, To Lead A Country

Electing the President of the United States is arguably America’s most hot button topic since the voting & selection process began.

Policy making, leading, public speaking, uniting…the list of duties & responsibilities to be a competent POTUS exceeds what any one guy is capable of.

Unless, maybe…you’re a successful head football coach. A football lifer, probably the son of a coach. A guy that's climbed a football ladder, and has become a strong branch off of a coaching tree that has now established its own roots.

If a guy can effectively operate the 53-man roster, surely he possesses the skillset to run the country.

For Your Consideration:

Los Angeles Charger’s Rookie Head Football Coach; Brandon Staley.

A fresh faced 38 year old that’s meteoric rise to the top caught most off guard. After spending 2017 and 2018 in Chicago as outside linebackers coach, he moved to Denver in 2019 and inherited the same job title. Then, in 2020 he became the Rams defensive coordinator, and guided them to the number one ranked defense in the league.

Before his NFL career skyrocketed, Staley was a highly touted quarterback coming out of high school in Ohio, and a starting QB at Dayton for two years.

An aspiring leader with a defensive mind, and an offensive background. A guy who’s been on both sides of the ball. A guy that could bring together both red and blue in solidarity.

The executive branch is yet to experience this type of cohesiveness, and probably won’t anytime soon. Guy’s like Staley are not a dime a dozen. He doesn’t mince words with pork barrel politics. He’s steadfast in his approach, and while that approach is to run, it’s not to run as a Presidential nominee…it’s to run. the. damn. ball.

For Your Consideration:

XLIII Super Bowl Champion & Head Football Coach, Mike Tomlin.

Hailing from Hampton, Virginia, this former wide receiver at William & Mary has been the Commander-in-Chief of the Pittsburgh Steelers for 15 years and counting.

A straight shooter on and off the gridiron, coach Tomlin is known for his football oriented colloquialisms. From, “the standard is the standard,” to, “he hasn’t killed us.” Coach Tomlin plays his cards close to the vest. The chances you’d see the fine print on his laminated call sheet are slim to none. As civilians we’re not privied to that type of top-secret information…it’s G-14 classified.

They tried to do my guy Carter dirty...

Mike Tomlin went to a school that literally produced three graduates who ended up becoming leaders of the free world…but for coach Tomlin? Running for President? Well, never say never, but…never.

For Your Consideration:

Tennessee Titan’s Head Football Coach; Mike Vrabel.

A three-time Super Bowl champ as a player with the Patriots, Mike Vrabel transitioned from the helmet to the headset in 2011 at his alma mater, Ohio State. His NFL coaching race kickstarted in Houston with the Texans, culminating in him securing the defensive coordinator vacancy in 2017.

The one-time all-pro linebacker took over the helm for the Titans in 2018. Vrabel’s posted a winning record in all of his three seasons, including an AFC Championship game appearance in 2019 proving he’s no lame duck.

Employing a hands-on football methodology, he’s been spotted working out on the field in pre-game, and mixing it up in practice with his players. The kind of door-to-door campaigning that builds character, and cuts through red tape.

Coach Vrabel isn’t opposed to dialing something up to swing the momentum of a game. He’s found loopholes in the NFL rulebook to burn clock in the 4th quarter, and even tried to recreate the Music City Miracle this season against the Bills (this play was vetoed thankfully).

Mike Vrabel is a guy that blazes his own trail, he doesn’t ride coattails, or participate in fence mending. He’d have a tough time with the bureaucracy that comes along with occupying the White House.

So where does this leave us?

Qualified candidates for a position that they’re not interested in.

What we need is a guy that’s seen it all, and done it all. A guy that’s won Super Bowls in the AFC & NFC. A head football coach that’s not afraid of being labelled a villain, because he’s already a hero.

This head football coach has produced a winning culture, and has had a positive influence on an entire franchise for decades, but more importantly, he can filibuster with the best of them.

just do your job...

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